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Comic Websites – A List of 25 Hilarious Sites

comic websites
Written by Sadaf Sarwar

Everyone loves comics, it is the humour that makes people to read comics and love them. Reading comics gives you escape from the real world and let you enjoy some time of plain humour  and joy .In the old times people used to read comics published in magazines or other sources of printed form, they were the only means of entertainment at that time but later due to the evolution of technology, everything changed  , Comics start vanishing slowly due to the invention of video games ,mobile phones and social networking sites but now Comic books are enjoying a resurgence, and you can take full privilege of it if you know the right comic  websites to visit.

Nowadays when it comes to reading comics ,the internet is filled with  comic websites that can assist, and the great thing is that you don’t have to pay for them like the old times.  In this new world of technology Comic books are well supported by the web and websites .For people who love to create comics there are numerous comic maker websites to transform your imagination into real life comic .The best part about these developments is that they allow you, regardless of any talent as an artist or  comedian, to create your very own comic strip.

This article is dedicated to those comic book  lovers  who loves to read comics and  wants to create comics. In this article we’ve compiled some most popular list of comic websites where you can read comics online for free and create them with comic maker websites.  

These Comic Websites are some of the best around:   



In the list of Comic Websites, first of all i will write about the Comicsalliacne. This is one of the most popular online comic website for free comics .comics  alliance built itself up on original articles and excellent humor. It became one of the largest comics and nerd culture news sites on the web .It has comics based on your favorite TV shows, movies and cartoons. They also have  great articles regarding comic books , games , movies , toys, cosplay , TV and more.

This is the most famous comic site for all the super-heroes fan. Their comics include your favorite animated characters that you love to watch on TV. Their comic characters are universally famous  superheroes Spider-Man,  the Hulk,  wolverine, Captain America,Iron man  and the Black Panther, and such teams as  the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Fantastic Four and the avengers  and infamous nemesis  including the Red Skull, Ultron, Thanos , Doctor doom and Loki. most of the marvel fantasy characters are based on an  imaginative marvel universe and depicts the real-life places in the city of Newyork.   

This is a popular comic strip creation website for artist .This site allows you to create your comic online for free and  the customization of your comic character according to your taste. you can customize eyes , ears, nose, clothes and hairstyles. You can  also add images from Google images of your choice.some amazing features of this site include choices for different styles of panel. you can create your choice of characters with different personalities  and the chance to write words and thoughts for them. On the execution Your comic strips will look quite genuine.. This website will generate your imagination into expressive comics to share with the whole world.

This is the most cutest comic book website ever. The main character of their comic is blue yeti, Lars .His story follows as he experiences everyday social awkwardness at work, in his social life, even while dating. Later, they included heart and brain along with yeti .Together, the three characters were abstractly inspired by the concept of the Id (Heart), the Ego (Lars) and the Superego (Brain) but have developed their own personalities over time. The heart and brain are very well known comics and are really good. Their comics explains the human physiology in a very beautiful and funny manner. Their  diverse comics explore life and science  through ridiculous personification of organs, animals, and even rocks.


Cyanide and happiness comics are quite famous on social networking sites such as facebook. Their comic book  series is prominent for its dark humor  and sometimes unrealistic approach. Their comics prides itself on having no characters or themes. Their characters are mostly random people. They also have video compilations of their comic series and  has a comic generator so you can create your own comic and share it.

This is also one of the best comic websites which is enriched with humor. This comic site cover a wide  range of topics, including zombies, foods, animals, technology and English grammar. Their funny approach to all these real world problems are a major interest in their comic book series. This site also includes hilarious quizzes to kill your boredom.
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This comic creator website is easy to use for both children and adults. You can create comic strips with different characters and colors and add your imaginative thoughts and expressions  in them. with this comic maker site you can have endless creativity with your characters and  can explore new possibilities. This site is great for those people who wants to learn to create comics .

This comic maker site allows the users to balance between creative versatility  and amiability , ensuring that the final results look perceptive. Apart from the wide range of characters and objects to use in your comic strip, there are tools to create your own touches .Customization of your character is pretty easy on this site and a lot of fun to do ,  from clothes to hairstyle and accessories you can add your touch to them.


Bit strips became famous when people started using it on Facebook . This site allows you to create a personal emoji of  yourself by editing your skin tone, clothes, eyes, nose, haircolor and funky accessories. It’s so much fun when you complete your look that is an impeccable cartoonist version of yourself and in the end you can express yourself by using the website templates and create your own comic book series.

This comic book store online  has  a vast variety of comics book series .It has comics for kids/teens, adults and family ,politics, fantasy, sports, educational and some peculiar  categories. It has a trending column for all the latest and most viewed comics for all the categories.

This website is all about the coverage of comic book related news and discussions. This is one of the biggest site for the comic book lovers. This site is based on all the popular super-heroes and their  animated movies .This website is just bigger and better for all the fans of comics out there. It’s just all around a great  comic reading website.   

This comics website is very different from the usual ones. Their comics tackle current crucial society issues such as race,  gender, sexuality and inequality .They have a different perspective for their website than others. Their comic characters are not only funny but they are bringing change in today’s socially challenged world . This website is all about initiating  transformation in the society through animation and expressive thoughts.  

This is the most delightful and simple comics website .It shows the everyday routine of common people through their comics in the most simplest yet funny manner. You’ll love it just because of it’s realistic approach towards the life. Their uncomplicated way of presenting their characters are a different theory than other websites.

This is an online comic book store for free. This site is dedicated to the golden age of comics. On this comic site you can find all the old comics for free download.  Their comics have excellent entertainment value.

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Their comics are largely based on fantasy yet  they are original ,fun and creative .They are constantly changing their extensive  variety of genres such as horror to fun kids adventure. You can find something new ,always on this comic website. Their main focus is on free imaginative content that they can transform into their comics for the people .

This is one of the largest and oldest comic book series website. It features numerous iconic animation characters including Batman, superman, wonder woman, The atom, aqua man and a lot more. Their comics characters are mostly  functioning in a fictional DC universe. Their famous comic book series includes aqua man, bombshells united, batman ,cyborg, detective comics  ,dooms patrol ,green lanterns , scooby -doo ,teen titans ,the flash.

This site includes numerous comics of all the famous super hero movies , fantasy , magic, comedy, adventure category. . Their popular comics  series include adventure time, spawn ,spider man ,batman, justice league , Simpsons comics, guardians of the galaxy, dead pool, captain marvel, star trek , hell boy, freedom force.

This comic website is mostly about heroic characters and adventure movies. Some of their best comics are The mighty Thor , Doctor strange, The Incredible Hulk, Star wars ,Monsters unleashed ,Deadpool, Generation X and many more.

This free comic website has mostly original  comic creations, based on anime. Their famous genres are Drama,  fantasy, thriller, historical and action. You won’t find famous comic characters here but definitely the interesting one’s. This site has great quality comics and cute storylines.  


This site has comics on vast genres like  military , mythology, zombies, vampires, sci-fi, horror, action, adventure, suspense, supernatural. A great site to visit for go-to comic reading. So, don’t miss it out if you are a Comic Websites lover.

This comic site is a fun take on fandom .It has amazing comic version of animated movie characters. Their comics are based on their fan’s choices largely. Their main motive is to deliver comics that their viewers want to read. They have a section for fan art too where they display comics and videos made by their fans.

This comic website is about talking dinosaurs . This website is great for kids. The three main characters of their comics are T-Rex , Utahraptor and Dromiceiomimus . Their take on  the extinct animal is something unusual than different comic websites yet humorous.

This comic site is hilarious. Their comic characters are stick figures depicting real life situations into a funny manner through their thought and expressions. They’ve made their place in the social media world because of their deadly humour which everyone applauds.

The comic characters of this site are mostly random people expressing their thoughts in humorous ways. Simple and sweet comics for everyday life.

  • TAPAS  

The last website in the list of “Comic Websites” is Tapas which will give you a quick laugh and you’ll get lost in their captivating stories and characters. They also feature comics related to work – life and school-life which is deeply relatable to the comic readers.


That’s it ! These are the best and most reliable websites to read your favorite comics online .It sometimes take a lot of time to find authentic comic book sites , where you can actually read comic books online for free, But, We comprised all the popular and well-liked comic  book websites for all the comic lovers and fans where you can read comics online for free  and create comics with comic maker websites .We added  all types of comic websites in our list suitable for all ages and for every person’s individual and unique taste .There are websites with super-heroes , animation, fantasy , action,  adventure and all other interesting categories. Comic maker websites are also very easy to use for all the artist people who loves to create comics  and watching them becoming expressive with their own thoughts and generating characters with their own personification according to their liking. The characters can convey and exhibit all types of personalities suitable for the genre of the comic.

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