Crazy Weird Websites Top List

Crazy Websites 2018 – List To Make You Crazy And Weird

Crazy Websites 2018
Written by Sadaf Sarwar

The Internet is a large place with tons of useful websites, but what makes it truly interesting is the number of Crazy Websites 2018 that will give you a boost of animation and merriment.

In this article, you will find those websites that are crazy, weird and fascinating to visit in your spare time. These crazy websites for adults as well as interesting in a funny nature will not only refresh you but your mind will be puzzling over them later.

So, here is the list of top 15 crazy websites 2018 that have some high dosage of craziness for adults!

Top 15 Crazy Websites 2018

  1. Channel Surfer Club

In the list of Crazy Websites 2018, first of all, we’ll discuss “Channel Surfer Club”, a coolest and craziest site. This site has a single video and anyone can change that and people get to watch the video you posted.

  1. Patience is a virtue

Want to test your patience or someone else’s, then you should visit this site once to check patience tolerance.

  1. Kill Some Time

This website will give you some fits of laughter. Their funny videos and funny clips are worth watching to kill your time, literally. Some laughter therapy is all you need after a boring day.

  1. Zoom Quilt

Another crazy site, zoom quilt will keep your concentration on the screen as it keeps zooming-in and in into the image until you feel crazy.

  1. Click to remove

As we are discussing Crazy Websites 2018, then how we forget “Click to Move”. This site is going to perplex your mind until you figure out what to do exactly.

  1. Fidget Spinner online

Fidget spinner craze in the real world wasn’t enough so a virtual one was needed. Spin it to destress yourself.

  1. News of Future

Everyone wants to know how the future will be like, crazy as it may sound but this site will give you the news of future, not particularly yours but how the world will be like in next fifty years or so.

  1. Staggering Beauty

A pointless but crazy site, there’s a black worm that follows your mouse and starts jiggling if you move it too fast.

  1. The Collective Unconscious

This is a website where you should go when you want to waste your time and the crazy thing is that this site tracks how much time you wasted on this site.

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  1. Feeling Unlucky

Contradictory to Google’s famous ‘feeling lucky’ button. Anything you search on this site will take you to the last search result for any query.

  1. Eelslap

Slapping a person with eel was not always that much fun.

  1. Pointer Pointer

Find pointers from around the world. Move your cursor and you have a photo of someone pointing at your pointer.

  1. Falling Falling

Keep staring at the art of colorful falling pictures on your screen.

  1. Rainy Mood

Go there to listen to the soothing and calming rain music that gives pleasure to your ears.

  1. Procatinator

This one is for the cat lovers. Procrastinate with Procrastinator website and have some fun time.

If you are bored with Social Media sites and want to explore something different then these websites will surely help you too. Check out these Crazy Websites 2018 and Stay Happy!

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