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Most Expensive Websites in the World 2018

Most Expensive Web sites
Written by Sadaf Sarwar

Most expensive web sites have been built by now some of which dates back to the age of early 90’s and onwards.

Let us have a hasty overview of the list of the most expensive web sites that has been leading the market since the birth of the web industry before actually reviewing the top leading websites of the current age of 2018.

Most Expensive Web Sites Ever Built


    • This domain was acquired at a gigantic price of $35.6 million in 2010.

    • This deal was made at $30.18 million in the year of 2012.

    • It was attained at the cost of $16 million in 2009.

    • This domain was actually meant for financial services but it is not currently live.

    • As it is linked to the most commonly searched keywords on the internet’s search engine, its purchase was made at $13 million in the month of November back in 2010.

    • It was sold at a whopping price of $11 million in 2001.

    • The Facebook owner buy it from an American Farm Bureau Federation it the $8.5 million.

    • It was purchased in $7.5 million in December 1999 and is now featuring for resale.

    • This domain was acquired in $7.5 million in 2006 and this domain is now hosting an online diamond shopping website.

    • It was sold in $7 million in 2004.

    • Apple has been hunting around the world for all i-domains and acquired this one in $6 million in March 2011 after acquiring in 2008.

    • This domain was acquired in $5.88 million in May of 2008 but even Google lacks information about it.

    • It was sold in $5.5 million to Mansion Limited in 2003 which gave a great ROI to the new owner.

    • Bodog, a Russian online gaming site became the owner and created a new game in this domain. The deal was made in $5.5 million in 2010.

    • It was sold to American market leader ToyRUs in $5.1 million in 2009.

    • Zappos procured this domain in 2008 at the cost of $4.9 million. It is now used to redirect people to online clothing shopping website at

Above, we have mentioned the most expensive web sites to make and how much was its cost. Now let us mention the most expensive web sites of 2018.

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Most Expensive Websites 2018

Amazon is an e-commerce website promoting online businesses around the globe which includes eatables to clothing and what not?! It was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994, and, it is currently the most expensive website of this era.

Amazon is the largest online business in terms of revenues and market evolution. It has made a progress up to 47% compared to the year of 2017. The website serves people with a huge variety of items on a cloud infrastructure ranging from household electronics to toddlers clothing and toys, from automobiles to automatic machines.

Amazon has overcome the journey of becoming the top leading online industry in the world in a very short span of time, while it was on the 3rd ranking in the year of 2017 has a brand value of $150.8 billion.

Apple seconds the list of the most expensive websites of 2018 which is Centered at Cupertino, California, Apple is popular for the design, development, and selling of computer soft wares, electronic devices, and online services. It is the second prevalent domain, rallying after a 27% drop in the previous year of 2017. The two-thirds of this domain earn revenue from the iPhone thus relying on iPhone sales to compete for this position again next year presently valued $146.3 billion.

Google had been proud enough to behold the 1st rank in 2017 but it has dropped to rank 3rd in the competition of the most expensive web sites in the year 2018 despite its outstanding performances. The reason of this is that while Google focuses on the searching and cloud technology, it lacks focus on the other sectors which might lead back to the top. It owns a brand value of $120.9 billion.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company centered at Seoul. It has been successful in competing with the leading brands reasonably well and is making great progress making it the 4th enormous industry from the 6th on ranking last year. It is working to provide the best quality standards while providing luxuries like home appliances, home security, TVs, tablets and more apart from the most famous Galaxy phones. Its brand value today is $92.3 billion.

Facebook needs no descriptive analysis and almost every person of every age group is using Facebook nowadays making it the 5th most valuable domain in the current year. It has been up to 45% while it was ranking 9th in the last year. Every minute there are hundreds of thousands of people becoming friends and connecting with each other, socializing and entertaining themselves with a variety of activities. Facebook has been enjoying this rank on the supremacy of digital content as we all know very well and attained a brand value of $89.7 billion.

AT&T is an American conglomerate industry headquartered in Dallas, Texas is the world’s prime telecommunications company holding the 6th rank in the lean of most expensive web sites of the year 2018 for providing the second largest mobile telephone services around the world and the largest in America to provide fixed telephone or landline services. It was originally known as Southwestern Bell Corporations established in the early 90’s. It is valued worth $82.4 billion today.

Microsoft has been acknowledged for years to be the most expensive web sites. It is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, an American company known for building computer soft wares, licensing them and also for building personal computers and different electronic devices. It’s most successful software been built is Windows which is popular with many electronic devices such as phones and tablets apart from desktop computers. It seconds the Amazon in cloud services but still, it’s less valuable than most of the top domains like Apple and Google which are its competitors making it the 7th on ranking this year. It has grown 6% this year as compared to the previous year giving it a brand value of $81.2 billion.

Verizon is an American company that offers wireless products and services around the globe. It has been fallen down from its original ranking because of its loss of patrons to minor companies like T-Mobile etc., leaving it currently on the 8th ranking in the world. While losing buyers, it’s meanwhile trying to retain its ranking by introducing more revenue-generating strategies. It has been down to 5 % only compared to the year 2017 whereas currently having a brand value of $62.8 billion.

Walmart is a retail company under which operates an array of hypermarkets, grocery shops and discount departmental stores around the United States. With the ‘Save money, live better’ tagline, Walmart is unable to save its previous ranking and has fallen down to 9th from 8th because the start of the year was not very enticing as for many of its stores have been closed until now. This leaves them uncertain for the future rankings of Walmart. Currently, it possesses the brand value of $61.5 billion.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is a Chinese cosmopolitan banking company privileged to be the largest bank in the world in terms of revenues and assets. The share in the global market of China has been increasing since 2008 and it now stands at 24 % growth from Feb 2017. With the 10th ranking of the year, it owns a brand value of up to $59.2 billion.

Apart from these digital, technical and e-commerce leading most expensive web sites and domains, following are listed a few luxurious expensive brands names that have been leading the most expensive web sites in the fashion industry.

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Hermes
  3. Gucci
  4. Prada
  5. Rolex
  6. Chanel
  7. Cartier
  8. Burberry
  9. Fendi
  10. Coach

Louis Vuitton Malletier also was known as Louis Vuitton tops the growth and revenue scales while also Gucci, Prada, and Rolex are performing tremendously well making them rank among the list of top 10 brands selling around the globe. Most of the brands are French amid some are from America and Britain while Rolex is a Swiss most expensive website and a brand being very popular worldwide.

Now, the most important question that arises is that what makes these brands and their domains worth so much millions and billions of dollars?

If you are thinking of establishing one, here are a few techniques to know how much your idea of a domain is worth and how successful will it be in the future?!

Although there is no absolute and accurate way of knowing the answer, there are a few numbers of tools or methods one can use to calculate the average.

While evaluating the domain name value, you must consider the following:

  • Familiarity with domain sales

A check of what is the current market of domains and what kind of domains are being sold at higher prices.

  • Feedback services

To evaluate the domain name on a prior basis, there are some tools available on the internet like Estibot which helps you in the assessment. Website Outlook and URL Appraisal are also one of the gears available.

  • Evaluating the domain through:

However, there is a need to closely overlook your domain yourself before you present it to someone else. Below are some techniques like

    • High-level extensions: Instead of purchasing other extensions, some people consider .uk and .ca extensions but the most popular among all is the .com extension and it’s very common for the rest.
    • Short & sweet: The shorter your domain name is, the more it is likely to remember as people don’t remember long sentences as domains.
    • Simple/ Understandable: While the user’s type in the URL most of them who are regular users don’t even bother to look at the screens while typing.  So, it is better to avoid complicated names.
    • Spelled correctly: Using numbers like 4 instead of ‘for’ and letters like ‘v’ instead of ‘we’ can create intricacies while accessing the domain.
    • In-demand and common keywords: The words that are commonly used are proficient.
    • Use of Google Trends & Google AdWords keyword planners: They are Google support services for analyzing the domains.
    • Standardized brand names:  Try the available ones or that already has a name in the domain market instead of using your own names that are relatively new and unfamiliar.
    • Existing domains: People like to adapt what is familiar to them and something that they have known for a long time is always preferred like a domain being used for 9 years is better than the domain introduced for 9 days only, so, the technique is to try procuring the existing domains.
    • Having pre-existing traffic: A domain having pre-existing traffic is a better-invested domain because it already has Ads and patrons attached to it, so purchasing one can save time and investment both.
    • Understanding of potential buyers: A successful owner knows what its client demands are and what industry do they belong to? So, acquiring information about them and then making a choice while keeping them in mind is a great idea for a great start.

A blend of the factors involving costing and budget, a deep insight into the consumers’ demands and requirements, a SWOT of your assets and services, researching successful domains and what beholds them on the lead is what is needed to be a successful market competitor. It is not only the course of few months but a course of few years have made the brands become what they are today. After accomplishment of all the above areas towards the journey of being successful, another important factor to consider is the retaining of customers that one has built and it has been proved to be the most difficult of all that is to maintain poise among all opponents through the years while making massive money along the excursion. After all, MONEY OWNS EVERYTHING!

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