What is Dark Websites – Is the Dark Web Illegal?

dark websites
Written by Sadaf Sarwar

The world has been witnessing an advancement of technology almost on the daily basis. The emergence and wide-spread use of internet facility is the reflection of the advancement in the technological world. Have you ever realized or imagined the life without internet? Certainly, it would turn out to be colorless as internet facility has become a need for all of us. Do you think that you can survive without using Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook or Google? But internet seems to be larger platform and beyond than these apps and systems. If you are the daily user of Facebook, Google and Snap chat and such websites, you are living a simple life. Using these social media Apps shows that you have just penetrated small area of the internet facility. What seems to be quite important to note here is the dark websites which has been capturing the shadier areas of internet facility. Do you know about the websites that are not considered to be the people-friendly and productive for us?     

Dark Websites:

It is the well-known and well-recognized technical term that has the meaning which means the combination and the bunch of websites which lie on the encrypted network. This is the one which restricts the ability of an individual to find these dark websites with the help of traditional search engines or the applying traditional search engines. The sites which are on dark web are the ones that do not disclose their identity and tend not to unveil it by applying the tactics in the shape of Tor encryption tool. Tor is the thing that allows you to hide the processing, work, name, identity and much more. One can seek the benefit of Tor in dark web browser by spoofing the location of the country that allow you to make people think you are in the different country as is the case if we use VPN service.

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How to Reach Dark Websites

In an attempt to reach to the websites that are dark websites or the black web and has been applying the tool of Tor encryption, you are required to apply Tor as well. Similar is the case with dark website, when the IP address of the end user has to be bounced via multiple layers of the encryption tool in order to appear at another IP address that exists on the Tor network. It has to be noted that the web of the dark websites searched through dark web browser can be reached by an individual. However, that makes it quite hectic task to get to know and get to locate an individual working behind the sites. It may turn out to be drastic for you if you caught up with the identity of users being unveiled.

Is the Dark Web illegal?

Is the dark web illegal? It is the question you must be having in your mind while reading this blog. The matter of the fact is that not everything or every dark websites is illegal and harmful for us. The tor tool emerged to have become the anonymous means of communications which seems to be the productive and useful platform for the people who need to have communications in the atmosphere where the free speech is not encouraged. Often, dark web screenshots create a lot of problems for the people belonging to different parts of the world. There have been a number of law enforcement agencies that have been designed to keep a vigilant eye on the dark websites that seek to steal data, material and content available owing to the recent security related breaches. These efforts of the above-mentioned organizations may turn out to bring perpetrators (those involve in black web, dark web browser) towards the trial.

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